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my Wife made me an eunuch

Hello Fem Domme Society,

Me and my eunuch husband were reading through your monthly letters and we read the one Crazyfox wrote you, we thought he made a strong point about the important factors being left out of white boy castration.

My eunuch husband agreed with him 100 percent, that having his balls removed by our black Master was a very joyful day for him also. But there are a lot of other factors that needed to be addressed.

Most of BIW's letters and articles seem to suggest that a white boy's castration is the end of the road for them. But it's not. It's just the begining of a new life as a eunuch.

My husband has been a eunuch for over 13 years. His sex life as a eunuch has been a lot better than what it was when he was a white boy with balls. As a tiny-dick white boy with balls, my husband was ashamed and embarassed by his lack of manhood, as all little white boys are, but as a eunuch he has all the confidence in the world.

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Tied Up At The Office : Part 1

Being tied up at the office used to mean work. Now thanks to my 23-year-old secretary, and her friend, it's a pleasure.

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down, and this being a typical Seattle workday happened to be a little of both. The appearance of Agnes Gruer, our director of Administrative Services, at my door added to the gloom. The gloom dissipated quickly as Jessica VanBelle, followed her in. Jessica was my 9 o'clock interview for the administrative assistant's position. The contrast between the stern looking Ms. Gruer and the applicant was so pronounced that it was almost comical.

Whereas Ms. Gruer was in her mid-forties, slightly overweight, more than slightly overbearing, and severely groomed, Jessica was in her mid-twenties, 5 foot 4 inches (in heels, that is), 105 pounds with very neatly attended blond hair and a set of blue eyes that a man could get lost in.

Whereas Jesica was wearing a business suit that showed her professionalism yet revealed her femininity, Ms. Gruer wore a suit designed to conceal the fact that she was a woman. It wasn't that Ms. Gruer couldn't be a good looking woman, she simply went out of her way not to be. The only acknowledgement of her sex was the title of "bitch" everyone murmured behind her back

The interview with Jessica went exceptionally well. Although young and perky, she carried herself with an air of confidence, and was extremely knowledgeable in all the areas we needed help. I made up my mind to hire her on the spot. Technical competence, professional attitude, and a definite flair for team play will do it every time. That she was easy on the eyes was just another benefit.

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