About Us

What is FDS, Who are we?

F.D.S. stands for the Fem Domme Society. A very real society started by a small group of Women who were simply fed up with the men in their lives. In the beginning it was a simple weekly social get together, where We researched and shared ideas that promoted the concepts of Female Supremacy.

Society is changing and Women are moving to the forefront of all occupations. Currently, Women account for 61% of all college graduate enrollments. men are loosing out in the job market and causing them to fall back into traditional wife roles. Hollywood movies are using the draw of Dominant Women, just look at the scenes in movies like "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" or Lucy Liu in the movie "Charlie's Angels." Top Selling Authors like Barbara Abernathy, who wrote "Venus on Top," and Lisa Robyn, who newly released the book "The Corporate Dominatrix," are smashing sales records. Both are members of the Fem Domme Society.

Soon Our society was turning into much more than a small group of Women! Within months We realized that We needed to take Our little society beyond the confines of Our town and to place it on the internet and provide others an opportunity to become involved. Our original website grew rapidly to over 7,000 members, and so did ideas! We have recently completed a massive over-haul of the website to accommodate the Society growth.

We purchased a property and customized it to fit Our personal needs for a retreat. A large dungeon, cages for the servants and custom beds with cuckold cages underneath were all built to fit Our needs. Now We have an inspiring place where Women rule and men serve! Several Ladies occupy the house, and We are always open to Dommes, couples and sincere submissives, who wish to visit. Our goal is to continue to make the Fem Domme Society the best place in the world to explore Female Supremacy. To enhance FemDommeSociey.com, We have added the following:

  1. Provide a Live Signal into the retreat with hidden cameras in every room
  2. Provide hot Videos, Photos and Stories of real people in action
  3. NO scripts or actors. Real Tears. Real Pain. Real Sissies. Real Humiliation.
  4. Added an amazing Personals Section and Pro Domme Directory to help others connect within the lifestyle
  5. Added an Advice Column and monthly conference call with leading Female Dominant experts
  6. Added a Hot News Section
  7. Provide everyone with their own Personal Website which helps us promote the society and automatically tracks sign-ups which awards points towards Our monthly contest and prizes
  8. Added Domme, Sub and Sissy Universities, which were created by Female Domination experts, that provide real insight

We are much more than just a video website. We are dedicated to the concept of providing a high quality format for Our members to increase awareness of Female Supremacy. We love hearing ideas for members.

Just Imagine spending a few days immersed in Our environment, attending parties and mingling with other Female Supremacists! Maybe you'll see a video being shot, or be in Our live web cam feeds. We have masks to wear for those members who wish to remain anonymous.

Dominant Ladies don't need to qualify to visit, although submissives have to earn the right.

As you can imagine the cost of maintaining a large website and a retreat is large. We have spread this cost out by making certain areas of the website restricted to members who pay a small monthly fee. We are hopeful that everyone, wishing to be a part of the Fem Domme Society, will help us by becoming paying Gold Members. We also expect submissives to benefit the Fem Domme Society by helping with the development and promotion of Female Supremacy through the Society. How do you do this? We love to see well written stories about male submission! Break out your video camera and send Us a personal video in which you tell Us your darkest secrets, swear your dedication to Female Supremacy and show yourself being dominated. The most direct way to help promote the Fem Domme Society is to refer people and encourage them to become Gold Members as well by visiting your personal website and having them join! We track the members who join and become Gold Members, then reward those who help spread the Female Supremacy by adding points towards monthly contests!

What's next for the Society? As Our membership grows We are going to:

  1. Open up the live web cam feed to being active every single day so you can see what is happening at any given moment!
  2. Hold annual Fetish Balls, and expand monthly contests to include all expense paid trips to the retreat.
  3. Add a larger retreat with more bedrooms and more dungeon space. Much like a Fem Domme bed and breakfast.
  4. Add several more live in male and sissy slaves!

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